Currently a Peace Corps Volunteer since 2011.

2011-2013-Chengdu, Sichuan
2013-2014-Dazhou, Sichuan

This is mainly pictures of my travels around China with occasional thoughts on teaching and culture.

Back again … 4th times a charm

When we last left our hero, he had finished his time with Peace Corps as a volunteer in Dazhou. While he enjoyed his time there, being in the countryside, his students, his sitemate, and so on … he knew it was not for him in the long run. He has returned to the place where it all started Chengdu. 

A familiar path tread with new steps.

September 2014- I’m back in Chengdu, this time not as a volunteer but instead as a Foreign Teacher Manager at International Education Institute (I2). I’ve been back know for a week and I’ve already moved into my new apartment and started my duties at the company. Today, I decided how much of a bonus my teachers get, despite meeting only a few of them and only for a few minutes. This week has gone by hard and fast. I’ve sat in a meeting that I barely understood, met with the staff at my campus, Nanyuan, (who I already adore), taught a few classes that I was wholly unprepared for, ate lunch/dinner with old friend and colleagues, searched out the closest wifi, and filled out paperwork. 

This is not Peace Corps. 

Many of the responsibilities of living in a new place are on my own shoulder, especially since they know I use to live here. There is no site manager to help me, no site mate to confide in.  I’m given choices of what I want to do and asked to assign tasks to other people. I’ve been given a lot of responsibility but as of now, little instructions on how to handle it.

Trail by hotpot.

Friends and students

BBQ with Students

LeShan Giant Buddha

LeShan Giant Buddha

Dazhou Museum

Rhinoceros Mountain

Chengdu Weekend Getaway

Dog Friends and Art Musuem